Listen back – ‘Focus on…’ webinars

Welcome to our 2022 series of webinars that offer expert analysis, guidance and practical support as well move out of the pandemic and into, hopefully, a more prosperous 2022. 

The ‘Focus on…’ webinars are designed to look in-depth at both recent developments and the years ahead for some of the key sectors within remarketing.

You can listen back to each webinar here:

1. Focus on remarketing in 2022: Jim Saker, professor emeritus at Loughborough University, Derren Martin head of valuations at cap hpi; Gerry Moxham, chief visionary officer at Click Dealer; and Rob Severs, VP of product at iVendi. examine the issues likely to impact on the retail motor industry during the next 12 months –

2. Focus on remarketing technology: Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx, James Smith, country director at Modix and Jana Jones VP marketing and communications at iVendi discuss online automotive retailing, connected vehicle technology and current trends in online marketing –

3. Focus on recruitment and retention: Helen Crooks, director of Wright People Human Resources, Joanna Hollingdale, careers and student membership manager at the IMI, and Chris Brown, managing director of Rippl, look at recruitment, retention and diversity –

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