New VRA white paper focuses on used car battery health

A new white paper published by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) focuses on the key issue of ensuring that used electric vehicle (EV) batteries are properly assessed before sale.

Called “Electric Vehicle Battery Health: What the Remarketing Sector Needs to Know”, it has been written by battery electrochemist Euan McTurk, creator and presenter of Plug Life Television, a YouTube channel about EVs.

The document covers topics including how quickly EV batteries are likely to degrade, how their state of health can be measured before sale, what is being done to make monitoring and reporting battery health easier, how battery health affects residual values and why a used EV battery health checking standard is important for vehicle remarketers and buyers.

Philip Nothard, VRA chair, said: “We know that worries over battery health and the rate at which batteries decline are key barriers to many consumers when it comes to considering buying a used EV. This white paper is designed to give people working in all areas of remarketing the information that they need to help allay those fears, which are largely unfounded.

“This is the second in a series of white papers on EV remarketing that the VRA has produced and the first, on charging, has been very well received. We’re planning on creating more, covering a range of areas concerning electrification for the remarketing sector. There remains a huge appetite for information in this area from our members and others in the sector.”

Further details about downloading the white paper can be found at

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