New VRA white paper looks at Future of EV technology

Forthcoming advances in electric vehicles (EVs) are the focus of a new white paper released this week by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA).

Called “The Future of Electric Vehicle Technology”, it has been written by battery electrochemist Euan McTurk, creator and presenter of Plug Life Television, a YouTube channel about EVs.

It covers topics including diversification of battery chemistries, longer-range batteries, more efficient packaging, lighter batteries, more efficient and cheaper batteries and motors, more ethical and safer batteries, plug and play charging, faster and wireless charging, battery swapping, 48-volt auxiliary systems, AI and electrochemistry, and vehicle to grid charging.

Philip Nothard, VRA chair, said: “This the fourth in our series of white papers on EVs and remarketing and this is an area that remains probably the most commonly discussed within our sector and we have aimed to help make those dialogues as well informed as possible. Certainly, we believe that they have helped to make detailed and accurate information in this area much more widely available and we’ve received some excellent feedback.

“This latest instalment is in some ways the most interesting, looking at likely short and medium term advances in EV technology. Much of this involves batteries, of course, but we also look at infrastructure and general EV operation. A lot is likely to happen in the next few years, and the document provides a really good overview.

“Certainly, I learnt a lot from reading it and I expect that others in the remarketing sector will feel the same.”

Details about downloading the new white paper and the others in the VRA EV series can be found at

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