VRA asks “three key questions” in final 2021 Outlook Seminar

“Three key questions” will be put to a range of industry experts by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) in its final 2021 Outlook Seminar, being held online at 10 am on December 17.

The webinar will discuss lessons learnt from 2020, the biggest opportunities in 2021, as well as the risks and dangers facing the remarketing sector next year.

Questions will be put to five VRA board members with regards to their particular area of specialisation – Duncan Josey of Auto Trader on classified sales, Marcus Blakemore on logistics, Philip Nothard of Cox Automotive on new retail models, Rupert Pontin of Cazana on retail values and Jayson Whittington of Glass’s on trade values.

The webinar is the last in a series of five briefing events that the VRA has been holding during November and December that are open to anyone who works in the motor industry. Each lasting 30 minutes, they are designed to provide a compact but expert summary of next year’s prospects in key areas of remarketing.

Sam Watkins, chair at the VRA, said: “The aim here is to touch on some important areas that we haven’t had time to cover in the previous 2021 Outlook Seminars but to provide useful information for members by distilling the discussion down to the most important topics.

“Also, unlike the other webinars we have organised where we mainly turned to external speakers, we’ll be very much drawing on the expertise of the VRA board here and we’re anticipating very interesting discussions between Duncan, Marcus, Philip, Rupert and Jayson.”

Sam added that the 2021 Outlook Seminars had proven extremely useful and popular but also showed the limitations of the online format.

“These events were designed to take the place of the one-day VRA Seminar, which is normally held every November but was impossible to organise in the current environment. It’s been a good substitute and created an invaluable means of continuing the VRA’s work but I think everyone would agree that it doesn’t provide the same kind of buzz and interaction as everyone meeting in person.

“We very much hope to be in a position in 2021 where we can all meet again, even though I expect we’ll continue to make use of Zoom in the future.”

Unlike most VRA events, which are only open to members, the 2021 Outlook Seminars can be attended by anyone who works in the motor industry. Those who wish to register should e-mail info@thevra.co.uk.

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