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2022 outlook is focus of VRA’s first webinar of New Year

The remarketing sector’s outlook for 2022 is the focus of the Vehicle Remarketing Association’s (VRA) first webinar of 2022. Taking place at 10am on Wednesday 19th January, the keynote presentation is from Jim Saker, professor emeritus at Loughborough University, examining the issues likely to impact on the retail motor industry during the next 12 months.

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Remarketing sector urged by VRA to embrace booster programme

The remarketing sector is being urged to fully embrace the government’s Covid booster programme in order to remain as close to fully operational as possible in the New Year. Philip Nothard, chair at the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA), said that if the Omicron variant proved as transmissible as feared, it could have a highly disruptive

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2022 remarketing outlook is topic of VRA’s latest “Five Minute Briefing”

The outlook for the remarketing sector in 2022 is the topic of the Vehicle Remarketing Association’s final “Five Minute Briefing” of the year. Subjects highlighted by six experts from the industry body’s board include the ongoing new car supply situation, used car values, the Omicron virus and more. Jon Davies, Head of Strategy and Insight,

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Remarketing sector needs to learn to present used eLCVs correctly, VRA told

The remarketing sector needs to learn to present used electric vans correctly to maximise their saleability, delegates were told at a webinar organised by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA). Paul Kirby of EV Essentials explained that additional care needed to be taken to highlight operational factors such as range, speed of charging, and payload. “Arguably

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Listen back – ‘Focus on…’ webinars

Welcome to a brand-new series of webinars that offer expert analysis, guidance and practical support in the post-pandemic world.  The ‘Focus on…’ webinars are designed to look in-depth at both recent developments and the years ahead for some of the key sectors within remarketing. You can listen back to each webinar here:  Focus on auctions:

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VRA’s new “Five Minute Briefing” looks back at key remarketing trends of 2021

The key remarketing trends seen during 2021 are the subject of the latest “Five Minute Briefing” from the Vehicle Remarketing Association. Six experts from the industry body’s board have summarised in a single paragraph the key developments that have been seen in their specific area of the sector. They include Jon Davies, Head of Strategy

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Arrival of eLCVs as “major force” is subject of latest VRA “Focus on…” webinar

The arrival of a wider range and greater number of electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) on the market is the subject of the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA)’s latest “Focus on…” webinar. Taking place at 10 am on Thursday 25th November, it will start with a detailed presentation about the rapidly-changing picture concerning electric vans and

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Remarketing sector needs to move to meet expectations of nearly new switchers as shortages continue

The remarketing sector needs to move to meet the expectations of used car buyers who have had to opt for a nearly-new vehicle rather than new because of stock shortages. Philip Nothard, chair at the Vehicle Remarketing Association, pointed to a recent What Car? survey that showed 31% of nearly-new buyers had found themselves in

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HGV driver shortage “just tip of the iceberg” VRA webinar is told

The current shortage of HGV drivers is “just the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to shortages of skilled workers affecting transport and logistics, delegates to a Vehicle Remarketing Association webinar heard. Gavin White, CEO at Autotech Group told the audience that even if the issue of HGV drivers could be resolved, there remained

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New VRA “Focus on…” webinar set to look at transport and logistics

Transport and logistics is the second subject to be covered by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA)’s latest series of “Focus on…” webinars. Taking place on Wednesday 20th October, it will be built around an extended panel discussion featuring a number of leading companies who are VRA members operating in this area of the remarketing sector.

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Motor auctions are subject of first VRA “Focus on…” webinar

Motor auctions are the first subject to be covered by a series of “Focus on…” webinars being held by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) through to the end of 2021. Taking place at 10.00 am on Wednesday 8th September, the keynote speaker will be James Buxton, COO at Carzam, who will be bringing a customer

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Recruitment issues and self-isolating causing staffing issues across remarketing sector

Recruitment issues and the need for self-isolation are causing staffing issues across the remarketing sector, the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) is reporting. Chair Philip Nothard said that VRA members were experiencing issues finding staff to fill all kinds of long-term positions, and that the problem was being exacerbated by the ongoing short-term demands of self-isolation.

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